Go Big Or Go Home


Big is Better If You Are Building A Business

Here is why:

Everyone has 24 hours

Every entrepreneur works hard and gives their business all their time and energy. The amount of time spent on building a small business and a large business is the same.

Serve more customers

A bigger business can potentially reach more customers, fulfill a larger unmet need and create value in the process. Bigger businesses can also help many small businesses grow as vendors, suppliers, partners.

You can grow in a big business

In a small business, it is difficult for you to replace yourself and find yourself a newer bigger role. In a small business, the entrepreneur typically gets tied down to keeping it running.

Generate better impact

A growing business and a large business has potential to generate high impact for all its stakeholders – employees, customers, society and can generate significant value for all. Amul, Godrej, TATA are all large businesses impacting everyone in their fold.

Create lasting legacy

Building for scale is potentially an opportunity to create a brand that will last longer for many years or decades. There is recurring business lifecycle and the organization has a chance to reinvent itself in keeping with the times. Think Ford, think Coca-Cola, Dell, HP, IBM among others.

You can be a founder of a small business but you can create an exit from a large business and the journey is a reward in itself. In process, you create significant economic value and deep satisfaction.

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