Hacking your job search


Finding a job that fits is a major task and executing your job search well is of utmost importance to be able to find one. In any case, there are more people looking for jobs, than the jobs themselves. So thriving in your job search matters.

Here are a few tips:

Mind your Ps and Qs

Does your profile reflect a lot of grammar and punctuation errors?
Do you use SMS language?
Is your upper and lower case all mixed up?

Badly edited profile and grammar mistakes are a turn off. Even the most qualified candidates are likely to be rejected on these grounds.

What are your skills?

Do they reflect in your profile?
Does what you do best feature in your profile?
Is the list comprehensive?
Most hiring professionals use skills as a filter and also use it to match it to the opportunity at hand.

Eye for detail

Does looking at your profile give the employer a sense of confidence?
Is your bio and summary positive and professional?
Did you fill it up in a hurry or did you take your time to convey your real strengths?

Your state of mind is reflected on your profile and it is a prudent investment to do it dilligently and professionally

Are you checking often?

Most sytems can tell a recruiter if you log in often or check your mail often. Logging in regularly and responding to emails in less than eight hours is a great way to get to opportunities first. Even when you are not hired, you are being watched. Not checking your emails or not responding quickly is a sure shot way of not getting any opportunities.

Staying relevant

Are you applying to relevant jobs?
Do your job applications look like carpet bombing?
Are your skills and competencies up to the market standards, especially if you are looking for a flex friendly option. Gold standard in skill and capability is a must. The job market is true to the adage – survival of the fittest.

May you be the one!

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