Jab Sairee Met #EveryDaySHEROES

Everyday SHEROES is everyone who pops up in our lives and teaches us something that we live by. After all women are heroes or here, they are SHEROES.

Yesterday, a post popped up on my Facebook wall with our CEO Sairee Chahal with two other ladies. I was intrigued and I read further…

“Perks of my job. Getting to know stories everyday of SHEROES  sisterhood.

Babita and Gita – two young women from a tiny hamlet in Haryana. Got trained and certified and now work at JSL factory. On their way to become supervisors.

Work found us respect, identity and purpose they said. Love their phones and selfies.

Don’t we all! We are all the same.  🙂

And it struck me to share with the entire community, SHEROES aren’t people whose articles you read or who you see in the newspaper, it’s the person you see when you look into the mirror.

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