Meet Sheroes founder Sairee Chahal – Women Talk

Meet Sheroes founder Sairee Chahal – Women Talk

How Sairee Chahal is an inspiration to many women?

Women in our country are not less than men in any field. Be it the progress of the house, or the progress of the country, women walk shoulder to shoulder with men. Sairee Chahal is one such woman. Yes, Sairee Chahal is such a woman who did so many things in the interest of other women and she became a source of inspiration for all of us. Sheroes is such a community of women, where almost all topics, from business to finance and health, are discussed.

This platform helps and supports women in various fields. A career helpline is operated under this platform, which helps women to search for jobs sitting at home. Along with this, it organizes other programs including job fairs, workshops, community meetings.

How was her education?

Born and brought up in Muzaffarpur, Uttar Pradesh, Chahal observed rural life closely. Her father wanted her to be a professor, but she wanted to become an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur, she wanted to solve people’s problems. This is the reason why Chahal started her first startup, a local newspaper for sailors, in 1999 when she was pursuing her MPhil in International Studies from JNU. The startup started with the sailors in mind, who were ignorant of daily development for a long time. She was also the co-founder of FlexiMoms.

She is a founder of Sheroes

Sairee Chahal is the founder and CEO of SHEROES – a community platform for women, offering support, resources, opportunities, and engagement through and the SHEROES app. In addition to building a strong technology game to address the problems of gender inequality in India, Sairee is also credited with building conversations about work in India and the future of work. Sairee is also on the board of directors of Paytm Payments Bank and Milan Foundation and is also part of the advisory board of the US-based initiative Women in Cloud.

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What is Sheroes?

Sheroes is a community of women where discussions are held on everything from business to finance and health and all matters related to women. In this platform made for women, women are completely helped in every field. In this community, a career helpline is run for women, which also helps women to find jobs sitting at home. Along with this, SHEROES also organizes other programs including job fair workshop committee meetings which are in the interest of women.

She is an inspirational woman

A technology entrepreneur, Sairee has carved a niche for herself with her ventures as NewsLink, FlexiMoms, and now SHEROES. The technology approach shared by their Community SHEROES has made it a globally winning platform, changing the game for women and their aspirations. So far, over one million women have been directly benefited by the community, and under Sairee’s leadership, SHEROES aims to benefit over 100 million women over the next five years. It is not wrong to call Sairee an influential woman because of her actions, in fact, she is an inspiration to other women.

She has received many honors

An Aspen Leadership Fellow, Sairee is also the convener of The SHEROES Summit, the largest women’s forum in India. Globally recognized for her achievements, Sairee Chahal is also a Devi Award winner, in addition to Femina Achievers Award, Cartier Award, Editor’s Choice for L’Oreal Femina Women’s Award, Business Today, and Most Powerful Women in Indian Business. have been included in the list. In 2018, she was ranked 53rd on Onalytica’s list of “Future of Work Top 100 Influencers”

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