#NoBrakes #UpInTheAir

#NoBrakes #UpInTheAir

Today was an extraordinarily relaxed Sunday. I got up leisurely, read, spent over 90 minutes going through my yoga notes and retraining on them, oiled my hair, sunned myself till I was baked.

A hearty lunch later, I totally thought I am not going to check emails or Slack or anything on our dashboard (which I habitually do).  I even found a documentary I had bookmarked to watch on Netflix.

Ten minutes into it, I see a notification from our Helpline team tagging everyone, that a woman from Cuddalore wrote in to say that she found hope as she pinged us and is looking forward to finding her aspiration mojo.  Suddenly, the leisurely stead vanished in thin air and I was back where I belong.

Of late, our helpline team has been working tremendously hard – as the time spent engaging with our community increases along with the number of members in the community. At the back of my mind, I always know, part of the team is always on and chipping away – talking to women about their dreams, their action plans, resources and more. Offering a kind of listening service and making connections to help them move forward.

With that at back of my mind, it is hard to stop. It is impossible to let go of the sight of possibility. Our mission is always there in front of my eyes. So much so that over the last few years, everything else has become like a faded background.

Yes. Obessive. #NoBrakes #UpInTheAir

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