Why SHEROES Exists: An FB Live With Sairee

This morning, we shared our morning cuppa with Sairee Chahal over a Facebook Live Stream and lots of chatting up with friends of SHEROES

View the video here

Here are excerpts from the session(- in case you are at work and cannot hear the audio)

1. Why does SHEROES exist?

Sairee: SHEROES exists to put every woman’s life on the map. From a career, a personal issue and advice. Even if you need nothing, SHEROES strives to be your go-to place to make your world a happier place.

2. What’s the larger purpose of SHEROES?

Sairee: SHEROES aspires to help you find your purpose. Any woman, from all walks of life- facing the global truth of unequal opportunity can arrive at the platform and make the most of it!

3. How does an organisation achieve operational excellence?

Sairee: 3 things.
User First
Process Excellence
Sustainable culture and business model
4. Women Entrepreneurship Quest and Anita Borg Institute with SHEROES, why?
Sairee: we are all looking to put women on the map. WEQ, Anita Borg Institute and SHEROES build a platform that can help women from all sects of life- arrive. For themselves.
5. Why would you take a silicon valley trip?
Sairee: To broaden horizons and expand the option of equal opportunity- worldwide
6. What’s your take on making mistakes?
Sairee: I’ve made many mistakes. I fix them and I seem help. My only tip is: make new mistakes!

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