An Ode To That Crazy Color Of Your Spirit

he ONE,

  • Which makes you jump up in middle of the night to make scribble notes in your bed side diary.
  • That makes you wish, you had an idea pad in the shower, because you can’t stop dreaming about that one thing in your head.
  • Which makes you look forward to Monday morning like it was Friday evening.
  • Which says, we can do it, irrespective how hard the problem is.
  • That knows how to bounce back after every failed project.
  • Which knows the odds are odd but so what!
  • Which makes your voice heard, even if it is not the popular one
  • Which makes you go the extra mile, every step of the way.
  • Which makes being in your garden or in your salsa class or baking those choco chip cookies the best thing ever.
  • Where you are in seventh heaven behind your steer wheel or your bike.
  • Where that long walk with a friend is better than most evenings in your life.
  • When it hits that pillow, it is a moment of peace and gratitude

Hope that crazy fun spirit in you continues to help you experience life as if it was a miracle. So it is. Happy Holi to you!

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