What are YOU Asking for Today?

How many times have you hoped to ask a colleague for something they are knowledgeable about and didn’t?

Did it happen that you wanted to get someone to baby sit, so that you could spend time elsewhere?

Ever caught yourself in a loop of hesitation over something so simple to ask?

Don’t know how to refine that pitch deck or write that client proposal? A perspective would be nice?

Where ever you are in your day – at home, at work, at the school, with friends or out in the market, there is something that you want, something you need, something that has been on the list, something that intrigues you, something that you think about everyday and hope to action it someday.

Today is a good day as any to Ask!

It is an opportunity to give yourself the liberty of someone else’s experience, perspective and time. Moreover it is a chance to establish an authentic connection with a person in your zone. So really, what could you ask for?

Ask for:

  • Advice
  • Help
  • Ideas
  • A raise
  • A day off
  • A conversation
  • An opinion
  • For funding
  • A referral

Guess what! It also is an opportunity to turn into a giver.

Will you share what are you asking for today?

As for me, I am asking a friend to help me make an important business decision.

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