Mums Who Bat For Other Mums – Thank You Leena

It has been a hectic year or more at work, paced suitably with tons of travel, three state commutes (Noida – Delhi – Gurgaon), a voracious amount of action with our teams growing and of course scores of other things I keep saying yes to. A fun in the trenches roller coaster, except it is not over. Infact, just about beginning to pick up.

At the same time, it has been a busy year for my daughter, who is growing up fast (like they always do!). Her social and academic life sometimes puts mine to a little shame. And unfortunately, she yet can’t Uber it or get her phone, which means parental logistics is a real thing.

In middle of this and other things, if there is one person, who saved my a** this year, it would be Leena. She is a fellow mum from my daughter’s school and our kids go to basketball together. I only know her as a school mum and someone who manages her hours with flexibility. Our kids got into the class together and under normal cases, I would have to share carpool / pick up duties. But guess what! I am never around …. Surprise 😉 Besides that, my mommy group skills are near zero and my sense is Leena knew that early on.

For over a year, here is a fellow mum – in old world you would call her SAHM but let us at least say, WAHM, who has anchored a tight schedule for me and helped me do what I needed to get done the most. There have been times, when I forgot to check on the class times, forgot to inform or sync up, but she made it work.

If there is one mum, I am tipping my hat to in gratitude this Mothers day, it is Leena. Not only for helping me out but also for taking off the wall between Working Mums, WAHMs, SAHMs effortlessly. Doing what decades of magazine editors and activists could not. A massive shout out, love and hug to you Leena and all you mums, who do this out of the goodness of your heart. Just so you know, you are appreciated and adored.

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