Top 5 Tips For Women To Revamp Their Careers

In a country like India, where women are expected to sacrifice their careers after marriage or dedicate themselves to motherhood. It is important for such women to understand that they are much more capable and equipped to touch the sky, rather they block themselves from a world of opportunities. Women can define success, leaving no stone unturned in way of success. Aligning to these chain-of-thoughts, there are a few tips for women, that could be followed in order to revive and revamp their career.

Re-establish yourself: The only thing constant in life is change and women must learn to embrace it and move ahead in life. They must maintain a proper update, as it is imperative for them to do well and rise fast. Feeling lost and useless at the loss of that job you were passionate about, is definitely deteriorating. However, if we understand that passion is nothing but just a feeling, and feelings change with time, we start considering other options and work towards re-inventing ourselves. Just remember, passionate people are passionate about anything that comes in their way!

Continue adding to your expertise: There is so much to learn in this world that one life is not enough to discover and absorb everything. However, the one with passion for life can go a long way. For example, if you are already an expert at something, there is no harm in supplementing your expertise with another qualification or certification to rebuild or refresh your career.  There are various certification courses like project management professional, Microsoft certified system engineers, etc. Such courses can enhance ones professional profile and help them grab better jobs exploring newer avenues.

Socialising is essential: If you had a social life that you have not considered engaging in, you might want to reconsider it. Your social circle is an asset and engaging with them, once in a while, could help you rediscover yourself. Try and rework on the networks that you had, in other words, re-build connections with ex-colleagues. Contact your ex-boss or manager who knows the way you work and can vouch for you. But before sharing your resume within your networks, ensure that you are job ready.

Keep reading: If you are looking at reviving your career, it is important to keep yourself updated with changes in trends. Reading blogs, newspaper articles and listicles could be help you in gaining knowledge.

Gain more knowledge, hone your skills: Simply relying on work hours to gain skills will not take you anywhere. What you do after work determines how far you can reach. Develop a hobby that complements your skills and make some time for that hobby.Such practices can give a new direction to your career.

With inputs from Article authored by Ms. Sairee Chahal,Founder & CEO,

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