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I happened to be in a room full of women leaders from corporate India recently. Each of these women represented career success and were role models in their fields. Their names appear in business dailies and their success often celebrated and rightly so. They have worked very hard to be where they are and have navigated their way through their choices and actions to be here.

Throughout our interaction, I kept wondering how each of these super achievers help other women – a lot of us in the mid-career, early stage or are on the way bracket to find career success.

After all, real women lift others up!

There are millions of women in India, who probably have a career or want one or need to find a way to get one.

What is it that super achieving women can do to get a large number of women on the career track?  I share some thoughts:

Acceptance: Building acceptance that folks are allowed different versions of success in work and life. It is alright to have more than one way of being right.

Authenticity: Being a super achiever is all about being who you are and real achievers help others move in that direction.

Creativity: Channeling individual creativity to think of solutions and different ways of doing things can be a driver for inspiring more women at work.

Intelligence: There is innate intelligence in every individual and having someone reflect that reality back can be uplifting. Honor every kind of intelligence – be it the ones making cupcakes or writing code. By doing so we free up the range to pick towards one’s native fit.

Kindness: Be kind. Everyone has a battle in their life and we often don’t know what that is. Being able to cultivate kindness as a way to work with others can result in huge impact.

Move it: When you are in charge or are in driver’s seat, you have a unique opportunity to pave way at a framework level and initiative policy level changes.

Every working woman can make career an uplifting experience for many others. Just imagine!

Send the elevator down. ?

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