Super Achiever Advantage You Should Build Early Into Your Career

Work hard, work smart: There are times in your life you work really really hard and there are times you need to work smart. But every achiever needs both. Success is in knowing the difference.

?Know your stuff and do it quickly: Top the list of being the best person for the job, and you won’t have to anything but success. Quality over quantity, speed over anything else.

Your constraints are you opportunity: ?What does not work for you from one perspective, is also your biggest opportunity. An unhappy client is an opportunity to convert them into your biggest believers. A poor skill can be your best skill and a hard taskmaster as a boss can be your best training ground.

Value your downtime: Investing quality time to unwind and reflect is a lifelong gift that will become your springboard to leap. Slow down to race up and work hard to party hard. YOLO!

Chase excellence, dump average: No super winner got anywhere with averages on the table. Chase high quality in whatever you do, give quality and expect quality. It is the game changer.

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