What could be coming between you and your hike?

You ideate, plan and toil all through the year but when appraisal season kicks in, you usually have neither a decent raise nor a promotion to brag about.

It’s not as if companies are holding back on rewards. The annual salary increment survey by global human resource consulting Aon Hewitt revealed that the average salary increments in 2013 will be 10.3 per cent, as compared to the 11 per cent raise in 2012. Key talent will reportedly walk away with an average 14.1 per cent pay hike.

But if, despite all your efforts, you continue to come up against a wall, here’s possibly why:

You hide brand you
Sairee Chahal,
Co-founder, Fleximoms

Self-promotion is a movie you play out in your head first. You must define your personal story – achievements, aspirations, weaknesses and strengths, and most of all what you value – before vying for other people’s attention. Promoting yourself by communicating more actively with colleagues and seniors. Are you interested in a project or part of a significant achievement at work? Share. The process trail in most companies is designed to map your footprint and effort.

This was published by Mumbai Mirror as part of an article about what can hinder an employees promotion or salary raise.

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