Why women need a fair perspective on finance?

This week on the #PaisaVaisa Podcast, Anupam Gupta is joined by Sairee Chahal – CEO & Founder, SHEROES and Mahila Money where they discuss why women need a fair perspective on finance and much more! Anupam and Sairee initiate the conversation about the work of SHEROES and Mahila Money, what’s wrong with various financial products, particularly for women, what the BFSI industry gets wrong, and the areas for improvement. Further, they even get into the key learnings for Mahila Money, their product offerings, and their future plans. All this and much more on the latest episode of the #PaisaVaisa Podcast with Anupam Gupta.

Paisa Vaisa is India’s leading podcast on personal finance with 1m+ downloads, 130+ hours of content and conversations, 150+ guests, and 300+ episodes. Since 2017, Paisa Vaisa has interviewed experts across the spectrum of personal finance covering diverse topics such as mutual funds, stocks, housing, loans, education, crypto, and much more. Listen in now to make smarter decisions with your money!

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